Renewable Sea&Ocean Waves&Wind Energy Systems & Innovations
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WELCOME! Have You Seen Anywhere the Specific Cost of Power Installation (for obtaining of 1 kW output capacity) LOWER THAN 20-200 $US/kW !!!


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am the organizer of an extensive International Project in the field of Power Mechanical Engineering with prospect of a turnover of hundreds millions dollars. We are looking for business partners and investors.

The draft name of the project - " RENEWABLE ENERGY SYSTEMS". The project is meant for large-scale use in industrial and consumer power industry of non-polluting and powerful energy source - sea waves (alongside with wind power and sunlight) - with the help of patented floating or coastal float wave power installations with energy stores, and desalination stations. Power installations we are offering are first of all intended for the production of the Electric Power and / or for Sea Water Desalination. Moreover, the given installations can be applied for driving any mechanisms demanding energy of a rotating shaft. The above product is totally new at the world market.

The markets for this product are all coastal states, which are the majority. It should be mentioned that coastal zones are most densely populated and having growing demands for energy and fresh water.

At present, the project is rather advanced: there exist a Russian patent, the International Application in accordance with PCT is submitted; little demonstrational model and the basic part of a pilot pre-series a sample of the converter which constitute a basic unit of power installations have been fabricated and tested; advertising "videoclips" in the form of computer animated cartoons have been made and a lot of drawings and sketches of wave power installations have been elaborated; several kinds of base models with other types of converters, equipped with additional wind power installations of the Project author’s design have been developed (they are being patented now). About 20 000 USD have been spent for these steps to promote the Project as a start capital.

Besides, not a little model of the sea floating waves power installation in the form of catamaran 9x3,5 m, with 8 movable floats (with the possibility of swinging on the horizontal axes), and with ratchet one-way-clutch converter, is made by the author. In the summer-2003 this model will be tested in real sea waves conditions on the Black Sea or on the Baltic Sea. On the upper desk of this catamaran the Wind Power Installation, of carousel type, with vertical axis of rotation and with adjustable concentrators of wind flow, will be placed and tested in the sea wind conditions.

In comparison with technologies offered by competitors in the given area, namely a number of companies in Japan and in some European countries, installations offered by the author of the Project are several times less expensive (considering 1 kW of installation capacity). Some competitors state that they are nearing the commercialization stage, but in my opinion, their technology is not highly promising and they still are at the experimentation stage.

It should be noted that almost all competitors are using for transformation of energy of sea waves a method of oscillating water columns whose efficiency is rather low, as energy of waves is converted into the energy of 1-20% compressed air, but this way is totally inefficient and causes considerable energy losses. In fact, it is an air wind power installation, in which an air stream rotating the turbine, is formed by a slight pressure difference due to periodic displacement of air from reservoir with an opening below, such as a cap or a bell. The range of applications of the given method is very limited and can be used only for large ocean waves of swells of the height of over 2-3 meters, or large coastal waves of surf. The estimates and data on the relationship of output capacity of an installation to the height of waves and the installation size, on the basis of this method, have not been found.

In contrast to competitors, the offered technology allows to avoid useless losses of energy. Moreover, the author has deduced a rather simple formula allowing to estimate the output capacity depending on the waves height before the construction of the installation.

The offered patented technical solution allows to transform practically all wave energy - both potential and kinetic – directly into useful work with the help of wave motion converter (with movable floats and cinematic communications) at practically any height and type of waves (both waves of a swell, and wind waves of the height above 0,3 m and more, and also waves of a surf). Potential energy of waves is used due to application of floats on a lever suspension bracket (in particular case), and kinetic – due to plates established on floats and receiving hydrodynamic pressure of a running wave.

The invention idea is very simple: non-synchronous chaotically dispersed in time and on sea water surface impulses of forces are gathered that are acting on a great number of movable floats mounted on a support (either floating or ground based). With the help of flexible cinematic ties these impulses are transformed into impulses of momentum of force effecting a shaft. Due to their permanent non-synchronous chaotic action, these impulses cause the rotation of the shaft, which is made one-direction with the help of one-way clutches. The shaft rotation is smothered with the help of a flywheel.

High efficiency allows to considerably lower material consumption of the installation considering 1 kW of output capacity and therefore, to lower its cost price. An important feature is that the body weight of a movable float is counterbalanced by loads, and thus, wave energy is not spent for raising floats which are rather heavy due to durability requirements, and is almost entirely transformed to useful work.

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