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(The sequel of the Project Summary Part 4)

It is planned to offer the given non-polluting and effective power installations to the ministries and departments of energy of various countries with the purpose of receiving state orders. Despite the presumptuous character of these statements, the reasons given below allow to look with optimism at reception of state orders:

Arguments in favour of the possibility of high demand for the offered product:

At present, all over the world in the areas removed from electric systems, solar batteries and wind power installations are widely used both in daily life and in production. Cost of one kW of output capacity (the so-called " installation capacity ") of solar batteries will cost for the buyer 4000 - 10 000 USD, and the buyer of a wind power station will pay 700 - 1500 USD for one kW of output capacity.

Sea Wave Power Installations offered by the author will allow the buyer of these installations to receive one kW of output capacity at the price from 50 to 300 USD under the condition of its serial production. It is much cheaper than the prices of the Japanese and British competitors who in the authors opinion, have come into an impasse with their method of oscillating water column. I have not yet found a word about their calculations of output capacity depending on height of waves and cost of one kW produced by these installations.

Besides as against competitive, power installations offered by the author allow to use with benefit the area of a platform itself for accommodation on it not only industrial and residential buildings, but in addition also wind power plants of authors design (the appropriate patent will be soon), and also standard solar batteries. And all this can be created in the most densety populated and attractive to life of people coastal areas (sea coastal resorts etc.).

The next steps of the project development:

After manufacturing and tests of a pre-production pilot model the further promotion of the project will consist in the organization of a serial production of offered power installations of various capacity, purpose and design. This stage may be started after receiving of at least several first orders for the given installations.

Successful testing of a pilot model and effective advertising campaign can become a key factor for getting additional investments. A number of venture funds and investment companies have already shown their interest to the Project, who ask to address them after testing and at the second stage of financing for a large-scale expansion of production. A big international consortium may be set up as a further step.

Repayment period of these installations due to the cost of the useful electric energy produced - from several months to 1-2 years, depending on a region of operation and the local prices for the electric power.

The sources of profit? We can get a profit from sales of licenses, from sales of installations and from sales of product made with the help of the given installations electric power, desalinated water, hydrogen, oxygen, calcium carbide, the sale of mechanical energy accumulated in gyroscopes, stone road-metal, a crumb from ground tyre-covers, etc. In addition, alongside with desalination, seawater salt extraction on an industrial scale can be also rather promising.

It should be noted that sea wave energy industry in the world has not yet achieved the industrial level and is at an initial stage. That is why it is difficult to find experts capable of making advanced and detailed analysis of the inventions and the Project offered by the Project author, which considerably impedes the search for investments.

Yours faithfully,
the Project organizer, patentee
Dr. Alexander N. Rusetsky, Moscow,
tel. 8-(903)-192-65-80
E-mail: ocean-power@yandex.ru

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